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Don’t swelter this summer. We’ll help you escape the heat! Whether you want to cool your entire home or bedroom, we can help you find the most cost-effective and energy efficient system for your perfect home.
Split System Air Conditioning
A Split Air Conditioning System has an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit are usually wall mounted and is connected by pipes and cables to the outdoor unit. They come in different sizes ranging from 2.0kW to 9.4kW system.
Multi-head Split System
A Multi-Head Split Air Conditioning System can have several indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. The indoor units can be wall mounted, bulkhead, or slim-line ducted units and are connected by pipes and cables to one outdoor unit. They come in different sizes ranging from 2.0kW to 7.0 kW system.
Ducted Air Conditioning
A Ducted Air Conditioning System has an indoor and outdoor unit. The fan coil unit can be placed in your roof cavity or under the floor of your house (subject to access) connecting to floor outlets or the roof outlets. Pipes and cables to the outdoor unit then connect to the fan coil unit. They come in different sizes ranging from 5.0kW to 25.0 kW system.
Evaporative Cooling
An Evaporative Air Conditioning System draws in fresh air through moistened pads giving effective cooling throughout your home. It is cheaper to run as it uses fresh air that is filtered and circulated to all rooms even with your doors and window opened. They come in different sizes ranging from 8.5 kW to 15.0 kW system.
Customised Air Conditioning
A Customised Air Conditioning solution is perfect for your new build catering the modern architectural designs. These solutions can vary from a wall mounted indoor unit to a fully ducted system conditioning several zones such as VRVs within your home at the same time. Our solutions designed for all your needs.

Your end-to-end Solution

Pact Heating and Cooling’s face-to-face approach means you can call on anytime from initial consultation through to after-installation support.


Determine customer requirements

Calculate & Design

Calculate Air requirements and design solution


Provide customer design and quotation


Prepare and Install products as per quote

Commission & Handover

Ensure installation is complete and compliant, and demonstrate unit and controllers.

Warranty & Support

Provide Warranty support and Maintenance for installed products

Our Partners

Pact Heating and Cooling only chooses to partner with quality products backed by long term warranties. With Pact you know you’re getting quality products that will do the job of heating or cooling your home or business.

Don’t know
where to start?

Finding the right product for your home can be time consuming. We can help breakdown the process so you can focus on your day-to-day life. No surprises, we’re here only to help.

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